Aug 6, 2019 | Q3 2019
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eNotes Resources


Members can now find information and updates regarding the Bank’s progress towards accepting eNotes as eligible collateral within the collateral resources on our website. Currently on this page, you can find:

  • FHLBank statement on eNotes
  • Video overview of eNotes
  • Progress and plan for accepting eNotes as residential collateral
Employee Feature: Doug Hollmann
Director, Member Collateral Verification
Doug joined FHLB Des Moines on July 8th after serving as Member Collateral Verification (MCV) analyst in 2012 then Manager since 2013 at FHLB Chicago. His goals at FHLB Des Moines include “improving the efficiency of the MCV process and helping shape the overall member experience related to collateral.”

Doug is inspired by learning about the local economies in which community banks operate. When reviewing a rural financial institution, he’ll often go to a local diner early in the morning for breakfast just to hear the local farmers talk.

“It keeps me grounded and reminds me borrowers are key stakeholders in our business,” Hollmann said.
Impact of 2019 self-reporting changes to Member Collateral Verification (MCV) Reviews

Changes to how members self-report Subprime and Non-Traditional loans became a requirement effective January 2, 2019.  As part of your next MCV, members pledging 1-4 family first mortgage loans that have not broken their loans out into these additional collateral types (1102 if pledging nontraditional; 1103 if pledging subprime) will find that by not reporting accurately to the correct type codes may affect their eligibility factor results.

When pledging or reporting 1-4 family first mortgage loans, members must enter their net eligible totals for the Bank’s definition of nontraditional and subprime. The definition and requirements of subprime and nontraditional loans can be found in the Eligibility Checklist. The amounts entered should reflect the actual totals of each loan level you are pledging, not an estimation.
Additional Details

Quarterly Borrowing Base Certificate (BBC) Reporting Deadline is:

Thursday, August 15th

Material Adverse Events: When and How to Report

Natural disasters like flooding, tornadoes and hurricanes, and other material adverse events can happen without a moment’s notice. If such an occurrence impacts your pledged collateral or ability to repay outstanding exposure, you are required to notify FHLB Des Moines in a timely manner.

General Rule: If you need to report it to your regulator, you need to report it to FHLB Des Moines as well.
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Updated Collateral Loan-to-Values


FHLB Des Moines periodically reviews our collateral Loan-to-Values (LTVs) to ensure they are consistent with the current market environment. On June 24, 2019, FHLB Des Moines implemented revised LTVs for most collateral categories.

These changes may affect your FHLB Des Moines borrowing capacity. A chart of the updated LTVs are provided by clicking on the links below.

View Revised Loan LTVs
View Revised Securities LTVs
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